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Perlite  4 cf

Perlite 4 cf

$ 12.97

Note:  Fine (soil mix grade) perlite and vermiculite are not available in 2022.  Consider fine-grade pumice as an alternative.

Approved for organic production.

Less expensive alternative to vermiculite.

Fine-screened perlite is ideal for germination mixes.  Regular size contains larger particles and is a better choice for garden or potting soil.

Perlite is a unique volcanic mineral which has expanded through a heat process. When expanded, each granular, snow-white particle of perlite is sterile with a neutral pH and contains many tiny, closed cells or bubbles. Perlite has been used for many years throughout the world for soil conditioning and as a component of growing mixes with materials such as peat moss or bark. Among the many uses of perlite today are propagation and seed cultivation, plug production and transplants, interior scape and planter growing, composting, hydroponic cultures, turf and lawns, and around shrubs, trees, and landscaping. Perlite, although it is rock, is very porous, is harder and crunchier than vermiculite and does not absorb moisture as well.


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