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Boron - Granular  50 lb  (Granubor)

Boron - Granular 50 lb (Granubor)

$ 55.50

Organic (OMRI)

New for 2022

14.3% boron

Granular sodium tetraborate - the same compound as in regular laundry borax - for direct application to soil or mixing into fertilizer blends.

Boron is a trace nutrient that is often deficient in Willamette Valley soils; however it is needed in very small amounts and overapplication is toxic to plant growth.  Use only if a soil or plant tissue test indicates a boron deficiency.

At recommended soil application rates of 1 lb (pure boron) per acre, a 50# bag will cover seven acres, and one ounce will cover 350 square feet.  Mix thoroughly and apply evenly to avoid zones of boron toxicity.

For garden-scale use, consider Grower's Secret soluble boron which is more expensive per unit but available in smaller quantities.

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