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Boron - Soluble (Grower's Secret)

Boron - Soluble (Grower's Secret)

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Organic (OMRI)

New for 2022

VitalVit by Grower's Secret

4-0-0, 8% boron

Blend of soluble soy protein and boron.  May be dissolved for liquid application or added to fertilizer blends.

Boron is an essential trace nutrient that is often deficient in Willamette Valley soils, but it is needed in very small amounts and overapplication has toxic effects on plant growth.  Apply only if a soil or plant tissue test indicates deficiency, and dilute well and apply evenly to avoid creating areas of boron toxicity.

At recommended 1 lb (pure boron) per acre application rates, 1# of VitalVit (8% boron) will cover 3200 square feet.

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