Pickup Date: November 14, 2021, Peoria Gardens
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Fagiolina Del Trasimeno cowpeas. Certified organic.

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'Fagiolina del Trasimeno' means beans (in this case, cowpeas) from the hills and fields around the Lake Trasimeno area of Umbria, Italy. These ancient beans are very small, so they cook quickly without soaking. Add them to rice or risotto and both will be ready at the same time, with much added flavor, texture, and nutrition. 

Our 'Fagiolina' is a diverse population of mostly spotted cowpeas, a WOF selection from the Peace Seedlings population of this multi-colored Italian heirloom. Most cowpeas require a very long season to mature; this one matures two weeks earlier than Blue Goose, the early cowpea we have grown previously.  

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