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Stutzman's Nutri-Rich Fertilizer

Stutzman's Nutri-Rich Fertilizer

$ 5.47

Organic (OMRI)

(4-3-2) Ca7%

One of the most economical organic fertilizers available, derived primarily from chicken manure. 

Releases nitrogen quite slowly; more effective for long-term fertility improvement than as an immediate nutrient boost.

Manufacturer's description:

  • Convenient granule form for turf & garden applications (40 lb option)
  • Economical pellet form for agricultural applications (20 lb and 50 lb options)
  • Easily broadcasts with conventional fertilizer spreaders
  • High performance & environmentally friendly
  • Special slow release makes it last and last
  • Contains essential nutrients and micronutrients
  • Excellent all-purpose turf, vegetable & flower garden, shrub & tree fertilizer


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