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Glacial Rock Flour:  McKenzie River (LOCAL PRODUCT)

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Glacial Rock Flour: McKenzie River (LOCAL PRODUCT)

$ 3.00

LOCAL PRODUCT, from Shepard Smith, Soilsmith Services

Approved for organic production.

Natural basalt and andesite rock flour.

Naturally replenishes depleted soil minerals; stimulates plant growth.

Use on flowers, gardens, shrubs, lawns, and compost piles.

Available in convenient-sized 6 lb tubs and in cases of 8 tubs (48 lbs).

Mined Trace Minerals A natural mineral product produced by thousands of years of glacial action. A wide variety of rocks containing a spectrum of trace minerals are collected and pulverized by the expansion/contraction action of the glacier. It replaces key soil elements, reversing soil depletion. Excellent source of readily available calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium plus trace elements and micronutrients. Increases phosphorous availability and improves cation exchange capacity (CEC). Contains a broad range of trace minerals...minerals which have been slowly lost through the ages, by erosion and rain leaching. Apply 1-2 lbs per 100 sq ft



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