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Gooseberry, 5 lbs

Fairfield Farm

Gooseberry, 5 lbs

$ 20.00

Our  European  Gooseberries are certified Organic and never sprayed. We grow mostly red varieties which are less tart then green gooseberries and are sweet enough to eat raw. We carefully time our harvest to ensure each variety is picked at peak ripeness and maturity. 

Gooseberry is often used for pies, jams, and fruit leathers. The unique flavor of this quirky fruit also makes tasty wine and champagne. We offer 4 varieties, each possess their own special character.

'Red George  is a Ukrainian variety that produces dark red, nearly black berries with superb sweet flavor.

''Captivator'' makes pink to red berries 1 inch long in teardrop shape. The flesh has a jelly like consistency. The flavor is mostly sweet with lightly tart notes.

'Welcome' produces medium size light red fruit with tangy flavor. This variety is a sweeter version of the classic tartness Gooseberry is known for.

Finally, 'Hinnonmaki Red' is a Finnish variety that makes  ruby colored fruits with sweet flesh and tart skins. The combination of flavors give this gooseberry a deliciously complex flavor and is a farm favorite. 



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