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Wollastonite (Calcium silicate)  50 lb bag

Wollastonite (Calcium silicate) 50 lb bag

$ 19.07

Organic (OMRI)

Calcium silicate (CaSiO3).  A new option for calcium supplementation and correction of acid soils; use 12 lbs of wollastonite instead of 10 lbs of lime for the same pH adjustment.

Unlike lime, wollastonite does not return stable, rock-bound carbon to the atmosphere, and it can stimulate carbon sequestration in the soil.  Soluble silica strengthens plant cell walls, and can improve resistance to fungal diseases. 

Wollastonite crystals are needle-like and can puncture soft-bodied pests like grubs and snails in a matter similar to diatomaceous earth.  Avoid breathing dust.


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