Event Date: March 7, 2020, 9am-1pm Benton County Fairgrounds
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New for 2020

New Location

The pickup location will be at the Benton County Fairgrounds inside the Solar Building.  For the first time we will have a roof over both the items and vehicles being loaded, so no more wet bags on back seats. 

New Products

  • A much larger selection of cover crop seeds, including five options from Kenagy Family Farm in Albany, fava beans from Harcombe Farm (Albany), and phacelia from Wild Garden Seed in Philomath.
  • Wollastonite, a carbon-neutral substitute for lime that also provides soluble silica with potential benefits for plant growth.
  • Soluble magnesium sulfate (epsom salt).
  • Organic, bioavailable boron.
  • Live Earth Humates: compost aged 70 million years.
  • Two new microbial amendments:  Southern Oregon Bokashi and EM-1.
  • Soluble kelp extract.
  • Pumice, as an alternative to perlite and vermiculite in soil mixes.
  • Sluggo Plus.
  • Weed Slayer Organic Herbicide:  a potential game-changer for managing grass and perennial weeds in organic systems.

Lower Prices

  • Powdered lime and gypsum in 50 lb bags at a much lower price point for our agricultural customers.  We still recommend the pearls for home garden use.
  • New brand of organic fish emulsion at a 45% lower cost.
  • Price reductions on kelp meal, flax meal, azomite, greensand, and a few more products, thanks to lower prices from our supplier.

Special Orders

If you would like to order items from Concentrates not included in the sale (list available here), you may contact soilamendmentsale@gmail.com to request a special order price quote.  Minimum order $500 (including sale items).

Large Order Discount

If your order total exceeds $1000 and you are willing to pay by check, you may request a discount code at soilamendmentsale@gmail.com. 

  • $1000-$2500: 3% discount
  • Over $2500: 5% discount

Free Pallets

We will have around 40 pallets left over at the end of the sale.  If you would like to take some home, you may request them with your order