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Announcements for 2022

New Products

  • Phacelia cover crop seed is back, thanks to Kenagy Family Farm in Albany.
  • Boron can be a limiting mineral nutrient in Willamette Valley soils.  This year we are offering soluble boron for liquid application and granular boron for mixing into fertilizer blends.
  • Farmer Brown's (worm castings) has sadly gone out of business.  We have replaced them with Worm Gold Plus from California Vermiculture.
  • We have added Grower's Secret Soluble Soy, a source of concentrated soluble nitrogen that can provide a quick boost to plants suffering from low fertility.

Soil Mix Ingredient Woes

  • Fine perlite and vermiculite are unavailable this year due to supply chain issues.  We have added fine (1/8") pumice to our product listings as a substitute.
  • Medium-grade vermiculite is unavailable as well; we do have a limited supply of large (~1/2") vermiculite if that is suitable for your needs.
  • The price of coconut coir has more than doubled due to a dramatic increase in ocean shipping costs, and peat has increased substantially as well. 
    Special Orders

    If you would like to order items from Concentrates not included in the sale (list available here), you may contact soilamendmentsale@gmail.com to request a special order price quote.  Minimum order $500 (including sale items).

    Large Order Discounts

    We are offering a 5% discount on orders over $500.  We encourage payment by check for larger orders to avoid payment processing fees.

    Free Pallets

    We will have around 70 pallets left over at the end of the sale.  If you would like to take some home, you may request them with your order