Pickup Date: March 6, 2021, Benton County Fairgrounds. Drive-through, no-contact, we load for you.
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Pandemic-safe Pickups

For a complete no-contact experience, please tape your pickup receipt to a driver-side window and open your trunk or tailgate before joining the line.  We will direct you through and load your items. 

You are welcome to talk to us as well; please wear a mask when your vehicle doors or windows are open.

Assigned Pickup Times

To accommodate anticipated high demand and reduced volunteer staffing, we are assigning all orders a pickup time.  You may request a time window at checkout.  We will not turn you away if you arrive at a different time, but we encourage you to do your best to arrive at your assigned time in order to avoid long lines.

    Special Orders

    If you would like to order items from Concentrates not included in the sale (list available here), you may contact soilamendmentsale@gmail.com to request a special order price quote.  Minimum order $500 (including sale items).

    Large Order Discounts

    We are offering a 5% discount on orders over $500.  We encourage payment by check for larger orders to avoid payment processing fees.

    Free Pallets

    We will have around 65 pallets left over at the end of the sale.  If you would like to take some home, you may request them with your order