Event Date: November 8, 2020, Peoria Gardens. Curbside Pickups available! See instructions after completing your purchase.
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Learn about the growing practices and people behind this year's event.

Dry Farming Institute, Willamette Valley
The Dry Farming Institute is a group of growers, extension educators, plant breeders, and agricultural professionals partnering to increase knowledge and awareness of practices that support tasty, high quality produce with little to no supplemental irrigation in our region. You can learn more and help participate on the Dry Farming Collaborative facebook page.

Fairfield Farm, Corvallis

Nestled in the flyway between the Willamette River and Finley Wildlife Refuge, Fairfield Farm is a certified organic and biodynamic farm owned and operated by Alice Fairfield. Fairfield Farm offers one of the few certified organic u-pick strawberries in Oregon.

Harcombe Farm, Albany
Paul and Nonie Harcombe's farm is located in the Willamette River bottom in Linn County, Oregon, between Albany and Corvallis. We are guided in our farming by a commitment to sustainability, local sourcing and selling, and environmental responsibility. We grow small lots of various grains, including wheat, oats, barley and corn, and some specialty crops on contract and for direct sales.  We also grow squash and dry beans. We grow a limited number of lambs, chickens, and turkeys, as well.

Honey Tree Apiaries, Alpine
Honey Tree Apiaries is a small honey bee farm located at the base of the Coast Range Mountains in Alpine, Oregon. We raise honey bees for honey production and pollination. Bees brought to the Willamette Valley pollinate crops such as cherries, blueberries, meadow foam, pumpkin, cabbage or radish. These crops produce distinct "varietal" honeys. Bees are also brought to the coast range to produce light blackberry honey, or they may stay in the valley to produce a darker wildflower honey.

Lonesome Whistle Farm, Junction City

Lonesome Whistle Farm has been farming in Junction City, Oregon since 2003. We participate in 3 weekly farmers markets every Saturday where have been developing a wonderful relationships with our local community. Stop by and say hello to one of our dedicated marketeers at the Eugene, Portland or Corvallis farmer's market. We currently grow, mill and process several heirloom grains and are loving every minute of it!

We are continuously committed to organic farming practices so that we can provide our community with the healthiest, freshest food possible.

Midway Farms, Albany

We are a small farm that has gone beyond organic to a biodiverse ecologically sound system with a permaculture influence. We focus on the wildlife by building habitat, depending on Mother Nature rather than fighting her. It is important to us to build a healthy ecosystem on our farm – our home. We are a no-spray family farm stand 100% local, seasonal, fresh produce, eggs, duck, turkey, goose, jams & jelly, flowers, herbs and plants. We never use antibiotics or growth hormones on any of our chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys.   

Oregon Wild Rice, Harrisburg

The Langdon family have been farming in the Harrisburg area for approximately 120 years. They started out as a farm to sustain their growing family, then grew into commercial farming. 80 years ago they acquired 140 acres of horrible land with heavy clay soil. For 75 years the family had drained the land and tried to grow grass seed with varying results. Five years ago they decided to stop fighting the land. They moved some dirt, built berms on two sides and within three days they had rice paddies. So far, they have not had to add water to the paddies. Oregon Wild Rice grows in 100% Oregon rain.

Oven & Earth, Philomath

We are a small family farm that consists of a husband and wife team. We farm west of Philomath, some acreage is at our home on Woods Creek and some acreage is 2 miles away on Greasy Creek. We follow all organic practices in our farming and have been vendors at the Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Market over 30 years.

Persephone Farm, Lebanon
Persephone Farm was founded by Jeff Falen and Elanor O’Brien. They have been growing certified organic vegetables for 35 years on 55 acres of river-bottom land bordered by the South Santiam River near Lebanon, OR.
Persephone produce is special because it is all grown outside in the sun, wind and rain. Farming without the use of plastic mulch, row covers or plastic hoop houses ensures that our produce is truly seasonal; full of flavor that can only come from soil that is enriched by the elements. The farmers at Persephone gather around the dinner table each week to celebrate a continued commitment to the soil, people and place that will sustain our farm for generations.

Rambling Rose, Kings Valley
Rambling Rose products are made from plants I grow here in Kings Valley, Oregon on my small farm. When I can't grow or source an herb locally, I purchase from other small US growers. All of my homegrown and US grown herbs are grown without pesticides.

Slippery G Family Farm, Monroe
We are a small family operation (mother and daughter) that has been raising sheep on a commercial basis for over 50 years. We use sustainable practices to produce our grass fed lamb. Our lambs are the results of selective breeding for carcass quality. We take pride in a high quality product at a reasonable price and love to help our customers choose the right cut for their meal.

Springbank Farm, Lebanon
Springbank Farm is a family farm in Lebanon, run by Brian and Michelle O'Driscoll with a lot of help from the local community youth during our fresh harvest. We are certified organic. Amazing blueberry wine and blueberries are our specialty. We also grow the asparagus of your dreams, and gather walnuts and blackberries. We sell our berries frozen year round from our farm and at Farmer's Markets. We attend the Corvallis Farmer's Market approximately once a month and you can find our products locally at Market of Choice and the Co-op.

Territorial Road Orchard, Corvallis
Territorial Road Orchard was established in 2005 at an existing orchard that had been planted between about 1950 and 1995. The orchard is part of a 19th century farmstead and is located about four miles south of Corvallis on Highway 99W. Since 2005 we've added several new trees, and our orchard now consists of about 100 trees. It includes a wide variety of apples, pears, and plums, as well as cherries, quince, grapes and berries. We utilize organic and sustainable practices, though the orchard is not yet certified organic. Our produce is primarily available at the Saturday Corvallis farmers’ market, First Alternative Co-op, and at the farm.

The Mushroomery, Lebanon
The Mushroomery is a family-owned, certified organic farm that grows gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. We create mushroom powders, package wild and cultivated dried mushrooms, and assemble several 'grow your own' indoor and outdoor mushroom kits.
We use biodynamic farming practices and purchase growing mediums from local farmers. The health of people and the earth are our first priority and that is why we started our farm. Also, we love mushrooms! 

Totum Farm, Blodgett
Our family farm is nestled in the foothills of the Coast Range. All our animals are raised on pasture and in the lush forest where they are free to root, romp, and play. We are proud to supplement their feed with Non-GMO, corn and soy free feed from a small local mill. The animals we care for are well loved and respected from their first day to their last, we wouldn't have it any other way. Small Farm. Big Love.

Trempler Family Farms, Corvallis
Trempler Family Farms is your local organic microfarm in South Corvallis. We operate on the philosophy of doing the right thing, which includes feeding our community healthy, clean, and safe food. 

Wahl Family Farms, Tangent
Our family of five raise Sheep, Cattle, Hazelnuts, Clover and Ryegrass here in the Willamette Valley on our own acreage and some leased pastures.  Over the last several years we've grown our herds to try and keep up the demand for quality, naturally grown Beef and Lamb.  Our animals are 100% grass fed and finished.

I've hosted a booth at Albany Farmers Market for the past six years where I have a selection of our Beef & Lamb for sale by the cut/lb. Our family of 5 has everything to do with this business.

White Oak Farm, Albany
White Oak Farm is a new farm in North Albany. We grow fall and winter crops for local sales, specializing in winter squash, dry beans, Brussels sprouts and dried tomatoes.

Wild Yeast Bakery, Corvallis
Our bread features organically grown grain, much of it grown and milled right here in the mid-Willamette Valley. Our community-supported structure allows subscribers to contribute to the joy and the work of the bakery. Together, we contribute to your health, the health of the earth, and a healthy local economy. 
All our breads are naturally leavened with wild yeasts. Our sourdough flavor is mild and loaves feature a tender crumb and a crisp crust. We use long dough fermentation, which makes the bread easier to digest.